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Hokkaido’s only Owl Café

(Japanese translation below)

There are quite a few Owl Cafés in Japan, but there is only one Owl Café in Hokkaido. It opened about two years ago and many celebrities come to the café. The Owl Café is located 4 minutes on foot from Sumikawa Subway Station. You can enjoy tea and eat while you watch the owls.

They also sell accessories and straps at the café. You can touch the owls or actually put an owl on your shoulder. On lucky days you can see an owl flying outdoors. The Owl Café is open from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. After 3 p.m. The lights inside the shop are turned down so the mood changes.

The café is closed every Wednesday and every third Tuesday. The price is ¥1,200 for one hour with one drink. They serve cola, orange juice, coffee and you can enjoy latte topped with cream that looks like an owl. If you pay additional money, you can also order rice balls, cookies, cakes and more. If students present an ID card on weekdays, it only costs ¥1,000. There are various discount systems besides this.

When entering the café, the owls will welcome you from behind the glass. There are six different types of owls. Among them, "Snowy Owl" is conspicuous. As you all know, it appeared in the Harry Potter movies. The owls here seem to be accustomed to humans. They are never afraid to have their pictures taken. They spread their wings and look straight at you, so you can expect good pictures.

However cute, the owls are also carnivores. You can see such aspects of the owls during the mealtime. If you pay an additional fee, you can also feed them. In short, owls have a healing effect while you drink a café latte.


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