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Audrey Hepburn Photo Exhibition

(Japanese translation below)

The Audrey Hepburn Photo Exhibition was held at the Sapporo DAIMARU department store from March 7 to March 19, and was open every day from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The ticket price was ¥1,000 for adults, ¥800 for students and it was free for elementary school students and younger. The advance price was ¥800 for adults and ¥600 for students. The exhibition was sponsored by Hokkaido Shinbun Press.

The title of the exhibition was “The Eternal Fairy.” There were three themes: “Fashion,” “Cinema” and “Personal Life.” This exhibition was a large-scale photo exhibition that displayed about 150 valuable photos. The photos were on loan from Co.mptv of California. The photographers were mainly Mark Shaw, Bob Willoughby and other top photographers. There were also photos of Audrey from private collections that have been published in Japan.

Audrey was once chosen an international best dresser (hall of famer), and now she is respected by the fashion industry. She died of cancer in 1993. It has already been about 25 years since her death, but she still attracts great interest from young women. Moreover, a lot of original goods were on sale. The goods included notebooks, magazines, T-shirts and so on, and all of the goods have photos of Audrey printed on them. They were all specialty items on sale only at the exhibition.

This event was also held in Kyoto DAIMARU, Shinsaibashi and Nagoya in 2017. In 2018, it was held in Nihonbashi MITSUKOSHI, Kobe DAIMARU, Yokohama, Okayama, Takasaki, Kochi, Tokorozawa and Shizuoka. If you ever get chance to go to the Audrey Hepburn Photo Exhibition sometime in the future, you won’t regret it. Last of all, in the words of Audrey Hepburn, “The most important thing is to enjoy your life——to be happy. It’s all that matters.”

写真展 オードリー・ヘプバーン

安藤 瑞季


この写真展のタイトルは、~今よみがえる、永遠の妖精~。展示内容は「永遠のオードリーファッション」「女優オードリー・ヘプバーン」「大事にした時間」の3つのテーマで構成された。貴重な写真を約150点展示し、大規模な写真展として開催された。写真はカリフォルニアの mptv 社が提供しており、マーク・ショーの作品を中心に、ボブ・ウィロビーなど一流の写真家による傑作作品が厳選され、展示されていた。それらには、日本で出版されたプライベートなコレクションからの出展もあった。






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