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Lisa Larson Exhibition

(Japanese translation below)

This exhibition is a collection of representative works by the popular Swedish ceramic artist Lisa Larson. In this exhibition, masterpieces from her earliest works to the more recent ones were exhibited at Sapporo Art Museum from April to June10.

"Lisa Larson's Sixty Years of Ceramics" was held at the Rohsska Arts and Crafts Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2016. The general admission fee for adults was ¥1,000. The admission fee for high school students was ¥700 and ¥500 for junior high school students and elementary school students.

There are 190 works including some works by her painter husband Gunnar Larson and her daughter Johanna Larson. Lisa Larsson was welcomed by pottery maker Gustavsberg at the age of 23 and produced about 320 works over 26 years and is a representative potter of Sweden.

Much of her inspiration comes from a small things in everyday life, such as a person walking a child or a dog. Using the large exhibition hall at Sapporo Art Forest Museum, the exhibition was divided into two sections. In the first section, there were popular works such as cats, dogs, vases and birds which are well known in Japan.

In the second section there were about 40 items. Limited exhibition pottery, official goods and new items were also sold in this exhibition. This was the largest Lisa Larson goods shop in Japan.





札幌芸術の森美術館の大展示場を利用して、2つのセクションに分けて展示していました。 最初のセクションでは、日本でよく知られている猫、犬、花瓶、鳥などの人気作品を展示しました。2つ目のセクションでは約40もの作品を展示していました。今回の展示会には、限定のグッズ、公式グッズ、新作のアイテムも販売していました。ここは日本で最大のリサラーソンショップでした。


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