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New Snoopy Café opens in Otaru

(Japanese translation below)

Snoopy Café (Snoopy Cha-Ya) opened in Otaru on April 19. It’s open from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is the forth Snoopy Café to open following Yuhuin, Ise and Nshiki. This café blends Snoopy in a Japanese way.

The design of this café is based on Taisho era as a motif. The café menu includes healthy foods using fresh local vegetables with edibles, such as marsh mellows in the shape of Snoopy and Japanese sweets and drinks. There are also takeout items such as ice cream and croquette.

There is a souvenir shop on the first floor of the café. Kiriko drinking glasses and dishes are sold at all the shops and goods made of traditional Japanese cloth patterns. Otaru limited design glasses, cheese cake and melon cake are on sale. There is also raw caramel, tote bags, pouches and other goods sold only at the Otaru location.

The café is on the second floor. The café menu differs for each store. There is Snoopy Hamburg Steak Omelet Rice, Woodstock soup Curry, Soba and so on in the Otaru shop. There is also a boxed lunch. Desserts include Green Tea Parfait with Snoopy marsh mellows, Melon Parfaits and Hot Cakes. For dinks you can order Green Tea Latte and Coffee. All of these foods and items are sold only in Otaru.

Snoopy is a Beagle dog appearing in the comic “Peanuts” that American cartoonist Charles Schulz started drawing in 1950. Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s dog. Charlie Brown, Shermy Plepler, Patty Swanson and Snoopy were in the comics which came out at first. In 1952, Lucy and Linus appeared and the current form of “Peanuts” was completed. As with other major characters, Woodstock can understand Snoopy’s sounds.

Woodstock is Snoopy’s best friend. He is a character known worldwide and he is also popular in Japan. Five Snoopy movies have been released so far. “Peanuts” celebrated its 50th anniversary in Japan in 2018.

The store was very crowded and there was about a three hour wait to enter the café. I was able to get in without waiting in line because there was an automatic reservation machine. If you get a reservation ticket you can do sightseeing in Otaru during that time. The souvenir shop on the first floor had more goods than I imagined.

Snoopy stuffed animals and carrying cases were also on sale. All of the goods were very cute. The parfait was delicious. Snoopy marshmallows and cookies were on top of the parfait and it was cute. You can take it out and eat it on the terrace. If you ever get a chance to go to Snoopy Café sometime in the future, you won’t regret it.


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