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Hot springs popular throughout the world

(Japanese translation below)

Hot springs have gushed in areas with much volcanic activity for several tens of thousands of years. A hot spring’s history is longer than human history. In ancient times it was difficult for people to boil hot water, so nature’s hot water, like hot springs, were very valuable. Also, hot springs have many types of components.

Hot springs were worshiped because they were thought to be effective for fighting disease by taking a bath. There are many hot springs in Japan. The three most popular hot springs in Japan are Atami Onsen. Beppu Onsen, and Nasu Onsen. Also, there is the Jigokudani Yaen Koen where you can see monkeys taking a bath. This is also a popular tourist spot.

In most western countries there is usually a rule that you must wear a bathing suit when you take a hot spring bath for both sanitation and religious reasons. But in some western countries there is the culture of taking a hot spring like in a Japan. Rome, for example, is one of the most famous cities for hot springs in Europe.

Hot spring culture in Hungary, where public baths were constructed during the ancient Roman period, has a history of nearly 2,000 years. In the UK, there is a city named Bath. The name is the origin of the word bath. In Iceland, there is the biggest hot spring in the world called Blue Lagoon. The area of this bath is 5,000 square meters. If you are lucky, you can see the aurora from there.

People in western countries don’t have the habit of taking a bath. They almost always take a shower because their purpose is only to wash the body. But some countries that have an abundance of natural resources like Japan does have a robust hot spring culture. Japanese people take a bath to relax and recover physical and mental health. However, it is difficult to take a bath without a lot of water, but Japan is blessed with this natural resource.


佐藤 吏



多くの西洋の国々では通常温泉に入るときには衛生面や宗教上の問題から水着を着用しなければならないというルールがあるが、いくつかの国では日本のように温泉に入る文化がある。例えばローマはヨーロッパの中でも温泉で有名な街の一つである。ハンガリーの温泉文化も二千年近い歴史があり、古代ローマ時代に公衆浴場が建設されている。イギリスにはバースという町があるが、この名前はBath の語源になっている。アイスランドには世界最大の温泉ブルーラグーンがあり、広さは五千平方メートルある。運が良ければそこからオーロラを見ることができる。



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