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The Age of Adaline

(Japanese translation below)

Do you believe in true love? It’s a prerequisite to seek true love in a love story. These kinds of movies are tear jerkers. The Age of Adaline is a story of a pure and beautiful true love. The main character Adeline was born in 1908. She was married, but her husband died in an accident. She was also involved in a freak accident which caused her to stop aging. Her appearance doesn’t change even when she is 40 years old.

She began to be chased by FBI who thought it was suspicious. She didn’t want to bother the people involved, so she changed her name and location constantly. She fell in love a couple of times, but she always disappears when she becomes too serious because she thinks that she should never tell her secret. She never gets older and she will always be lonely because she can’t live a life with those she loves.

In a scene where she gets out of a taxi and walks to a nearby park she saw a man sitting on a bench holding a box with an engagement ring in it. She took a deep breath and left the place. This scene is important later in the movie. She can’t love deeply again. She is afraid it will destroy the relationship when she tells her secret to him.

One day she went to New Years’ party. There she was attracted to a man who seemed to be attracted to her, too. They stared at each other, but the man was dancing with another woman. Adeline was so sad. When she got back home, the same man was also in the elevator. Maybe Adeline and the man felt it was destiny.

The man's name was Ellis, and they started a relationship. One day, his parents invited her to their 40th wedding anniversary party. However, it turns out that her Ellis' father William was her old lover many years ago. Both of them became upset and Ellis and his mother seemed confused. William thought about her for a long time remembering the old days. Ellis realized she had a problem and told her that he loves her. His confession penetrates her heart. In response, Adeline doesn’t know what to say. It is painful, but she used to love Ellis’s father William a long time ago.

William’s wife was sad and asked him, “Do you love Adeline more than me? William said, “We have spent forty years together. You are the best.” Basically, when he saw Adeline again he remembered their past love. But the past is the past and William’s wife believed in him. Adeline has the curse of immortality and hence she can’t believe and love someone. Well, who will Adeline’s choose? William or Ellis? The last scene will reveal what true love is. Please check it out.


森岡 潮音



ある日、彼女はニューイヤーズパーティーに訪れました。そこで彼女は一人の男に一目惚れします。彼もアデラインに惚れていまし た。彼らは見つめ合い始めました。しかし、その彼は他の女性と踊り始めました。 アデラインは残念な気持ちになりました。家に帰ろうとしたとき、彼もエレベーターに乗り込んできました。おそらくその時にアデラインとその男は運命を感じたのです。

その男の名前はエリスといい、彼らは付き合いました。ある日、彼の両親の結婚40周年パーティーに招待されます。なんとエリスの父親は昔のアデラインの恋人だったのです。 エリスもエリスの母も混乱しました。エリスの父、ウィリアムは昔の記憶を思い出していました。エリスはアデラインが何か問題を抱えているのだろうと気づきました。彼はアデラインに愛していると伝えました。 彼の告白はアデラインの心に刺さりました。 アデラインはなんと言っていいのかわからないと答えました。とても胸が締め付けられます。

しかしエリスの父、ウィリアムは過去の恋人です。ウィリアムの妻は悲しくなりました。 そして、「私よりもアデラインのこと愛しているの?」とウィリアムに聞きました。ウィリアムはもう40年も連れ添ってきたのだ。君が一番だ。と答えました。実際、アデラインとの恋は大昔の恋です。過去は過去とウィリアムの妻は信じることにしました。 アデラインは歳をとらない容姿になってしまった為に、誰かを信じたり愛することはできません。さて、アデラインは何を選択するのでしょうか。ウィリアムかエリス?ラストシーンは真実の恋を教えてくれます。ぜひ観てください。


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