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What is Yoga?

(Japanese translation below)

Recently, Yoga has become a fitness trend in Japan. The word “yoga” means “connection” in Sanskrit and its origin is India. Yoga is a philosophy and it first appeared in the Indus Valley Civilization around 4,000 to 2,000 BC, as a method of controlling the mind through different physical positions in order to attain spiritual enlightenment. However, these days it is used as a means of physical training and exercise.

There are many kinds of Yoga. The most common is called Hahta Yoga. Hatha appeared around the year 1,000 BC. Its aim was to create a relaxing state of mind through different body positions and breathing techniques in order to purify and strengthen the mind and body. Many other kinds of yoga appeared one after another with various philosophical differences, but Hatha yoga remains the most common type of yoga.

These days, yoga is separated into traditional and hot yoga, which is very trendy. The difference is that Hot Yoga is practiced at a higher than normal temperature (because India is a very hot country) and traditional yoga is practiced at normal room temperature.

There are many mental and physical benefits to practicing yoga. With yoga you can train your body and bring your joints, bones and internal organs back to their correct positions. It is also effective for shaping your body and improving your posture. By breathing in and out repeatedly you can realign your body and open up your mind to create a calm state of mind.

Being physically and mentally healthy is a condition necessary for a lively and vigorous life. You should try practicing yoga at least once. You will see benefits right away.


小田部 爽香

最近、日本ではヨガがフィットネスの流行になっています。 「ヨガ」という言葉はサンスクリット語で「つながり」を意味し、その起源はインドです。ヨガは哲学であり、精神的な悟りを得るために体勢を変化させることで心を制御する方法として、紀元前4000年から2000年頃のインダスバレー文明に最初に登場しました。しかし、最近は身体の鍛錬や運動の手段として使用されています。






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