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Heisei Era comes to an end

(Japanese Translation below)

The curtain fell on the 30-year-long Heisei era on April 30 and the new Reiwa era began on May 1. Let’s take a look back on the things that happened and evolved things during the Heisei era.

Probably the most important is that the Internet became indispensable. You can now search anything and connect to anyone on social network sites. In addition, anyone can do shopping online from their home, providing for people’s ease. The Internet has had a great influence on people’s life and work and has become ubiquitous.

Another change is that PCs have become lighter and lighter, with increasing capacity and the picture quality became sharper. There were only desktop computers at first, but now there are also laptop computers, so you can carry them and use them anywhere. These days, with the advent of the tablet, they are more compact, efficient and comfortable.

One more change is the phone. At the beginning of Heisei, the first mobile phones were machines where you could only talk. By the early 2000s analog changed to digital. With the advent of the Galapagos mobile phone, the screen was colored and you could watch TV, take pictures and it had a ringtone.

The 2010s saw the advent of the iPhone and of android smartphones. You could now operate your phone by touching the screen and also play games, watch videos, join social network sites, browse the Internet and more. Phones became very compact, useful and functional. These days, most people have a smartphone and they have become essential.

Finally, cars have become more economical and safe. Modern cars manufacturers have to be concerned with globalism and global warming, fuel shortages. Electric cars are now being developed, so they are becoming more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly. Soon cars will be able to drive automatically and detect people, so car accidents will decrease. Currently, the top three car companies in the world are Japanese.

Beside these things, game graphics and animation drawings have become very beautiful and many home appliances have become more functional. Many things changed rapidly during the Heisei era. All these began and evolved in Heisei. No one could have imagined how things would change in these 30 years. Heisei was a turbulent and innovative period. What changes can we expect during the new Reiwa era?


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