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A History of the Electric Guitar

By Yuzuki Iwase

(Japanese translation coming soon.)

An electric guitar is a guitar that uses a device called a pickup to convert string vibrations into electrical signals. By sending an electric signal to the amplifier, you can make a loud sound or make a rock sound. You can also change the sound quality in various ways using a device called an effect pedal. That is a big feature of electric guitars. There are so many different shapes of electric guitars. The most famous shapes are probably Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul, SG, etc. I have a Les Paul type and a Telecaster type.

The sound that can be produced differs considerably depending on each shape and pickup. For example, a Telecaster type guitar produces a sharp and edgy sound. Les Paul type guitars have a rounded and heavy sound.

There are also famous brands of electric guitars. For example Fender, Gibson, GRETSCH, Rickenbacker, Mayones, and so on. There are various parts for each brand. The sound and appearance will change considerably depending on the differences in various parts such as the body, neck, pickguard and bridge. The shape and sound characteristics of the body are also different according to the brand. Therefore, some people use different guitar brands depending on the style of music.

In addition to the guitar itself, various tools are indispensable. Picks for stroking the guitar, straps for playing the guitar while standing, capos for changing the scale, and arms that need to be attached. There are various things that are indispensable for playing the guitar, and things that expand the range of performances by using them. The guitar is an instrument with a lot of potential. Please give it a try.


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