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Differences Between Japanese and Korean Makeup

By Saki Ota

(Japanese translation coming soon.)

Ofero faces are now in fashion in Japan. Ofero face is a coined word that combines “fashionable” and “pheromone.” Since it is a fashionable and pheromone-filled face, it refers to an elegant face with a sensual appeal. It’s not very flashy, and you have the image of a good, healthy woman with sex appeal that naturally overflows from the inside. As a feature, it is important that the skin is clear and clean, the cheeks are reddish like hot cheeks, the eyes are moisturized, and with ruddy lips. If makeup isn’t enough, you can use colored contact lenses to make your eyes look sensual.

For the Ofero face, it is important that skin looks natural and the skin is clear and transparent, so the focus is on the base. On top of that, make-up that makes cheeks that look hot, gentle eyes, and plump lips are preferred. Ofero face makeup is not well known, so if you make a fascinating eye with colored contact lenses, it will be more complete. The contact lenses are a natural-looking brown, so it’s good for everyday use, and because the color diameter isn’t too large, it fits in very naturally. It makes your eyes look moist and subtly emphasizes your black eyes. Venus Eyes One Day Nordic Mist Brown is a colored contact lens that has a light pigment and melts into the black eyes.

The color is also good, and it will give you bright and brilliant eyes. Although it is a bright color, it has a small color diameter of 12.7 mm, so it is very natural and you will not notice it as a colored contact lens. Neosite One Day Ring UV Brown is a colored contact lens that looks very natural, and the brown is so natural that you can’t tell it’s a contact lens even if you look closely. It is close to the color of Japanese black eyes. The color diameter is as small as 13.0 mm and it is easy to use, but the sharp edges make the black eyes stand out and bring it closer to the face of Ofero.

Base Makeup

Base make-up is important for off-the-shelf make-up. The skin should be clear and smooth to the touch. To create a beautiful luster, it is important to have moisturized skin from the inside. Take good care of your skin before applying base makeup. You should apply it lightly from the base. Thick coating on the face of the Ofero is strictly prohibited. Liquid and cream type foundations are recommended rather than powders, as they will give your skin a glossy finish.


In addition to the glossy skin of the base makeup, the highlight is also used to produce a pheromone. The highlights also help to create fresh skin. If you put it on the tip of your nose you can create smooth skin. It’s not heavy makeup, but it makes your skin look shiny and glossy without the feeling of having makeup on.


The point of the cheeks on the Ofero face is the complexion that seems to be colored from the inside. If the color is bluish pink, it will give a mature look, and if it is a slightly yellowish or coral blush, it will give a healthy impression. Ulzzang Makeup is a coined word meaning “beautiful girl” or “beautiful boy” that is popular in Korea. It is a Korean word made by adding “face” and “best.” It is a word used not for beautiful women, but for pretty and adorable women. In other words, Ulzzang make-up is a beautiful girl’s make-up or a beautiful boy’s make-up.

Base Makeup in Korea

In Korea, the point is how to keep the skin beautiful, so they are most particular about the quality of the skin. Most Korean make-ups are based on glossy skin make-up that looks natural and beautiful. It contains lots of water, is always moist and glossy, and has youthful skin like a teenager. This glossy skin make-up is said to be water-light skin make-up (murugwan in Korean). In Korea these days, tint foundations are also popular in addition to cushion foundations.

How to Draw an Eyeline

In the old days, Orchan makeup was applied heavily from the inner corner of the eye and surrounding the outer corner of the eye. In recent Ulzzang makeup, the trend is to draw the eyeliner naturally. Korean make-up, which does not use much color, emphasizes the eyes by lightly drawing the eyeliner. It has the characteristic of emphasizing the eyes rather than the vertical width of the eyes, so if you notice long, horizontal eyes, it will most probably be Ulzzang. There are also many natural colors where it is hard to tell if eyeshadow has been applied or not, even if it is colored eyeshadow. Colors such as coral orange and salmon pink are similar to natural skin color.

How to Draw Eyebrows

The way to draw eyebrows with Korean makeup is by applying parallel lines. Rather than natural eyebrows, they are well-maintained. The eyebrows have been trimmed, but they aren’t drawn tightly, and the part of the eyebrows looks bushy and natural. People with thin eyebrows want to create their own eyebrows using eyebrow mascara. 


Korean lip make-up has many gradations, which gradually become thinner from the inside to the outside of the lips. Some of them are tinted to apply the color directly on the lips rather than give the lips a glossy texture.

In summary, using Etude House for Ulzzang makeup is highly recommended, especially for eye shadow. Unlike Japanese make-up, you can choose various colors from the palette that suits you.


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