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Eniwa, Hokkaido

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

(Japanese translation below)

By Yuma Nakata

The City of Eniwa, Hokkaido is located midway between Sapporo, the prefectural capital, and the New Chitose Airport. The city is also a place of beauty, with abundant water from limpid streams that flow from the mountains and forests in the adjacent Shikotsu-Toya National Park. The city has a population of 70,332 and is surrounded by nature, so it feels very cozy.

There are many events related to nature like the Eniwa Garden Festa. Therefore, it is called The Garden City. It is also famous for books, so it is called The Town of Books. It especially promotes plants such as flowers, and holds a large-scale event called Garden Festa every year. Based in Eniwa City, the main purpose is to convey the splendor of nature through 32 parks and gardens in Hokkaido using various flowers. Growing flowers is also part of the school education.

In addition, many flowers are blooming on the side of the road, which were planted by many citizens. Many citizens grow flowers because they agree with and sympathize with the philosophy of Eniwa City. It often has flower events. Garden Festa is the largest event, but there are many other events in the city like the Flower Bed Competition, the Eniwa Flower and Life Exhibition. At this year’s Garden Festa, there was an opportunity to feel the possibility of flowers by exhibiting flower bed creations from a lot of prefectures, including hanging baskets, container gardens, and so on.

Eniwa City promotes reading, and restaurants such as cafes, soba restaurants, flower shops, beauty salons, post offices, banks, and community spaces have micro libraries. In addition, the book events are actively held in elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. There is a culture of morning reading throughout the country, but other events related to books are held inside and outside the schools in Eniwa City. There are three libraries in Eniwa City with many books. If you are ever in Eniwa, please drop by one of the libraries if you have time.


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