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Phuket, Thailand

(Japanese Translation below)

By Honoka Kumagai

Phuket, Thailand is a world-famous resort. To go from Japan to Phuket you need to make connections in Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore. There are many popular tourist attractions in Phuket.

Patong Beach is the most popular tourist destination in Phuket. Located about a 40-minute drive from Phuket Airport, there are many affordable guest houses and five-star hotels. During the day, you can enjoy marine sports such as parasailing, jet skiing and banana boats at the beach. 

At night, you can enjoy the nightlife on the busy streets along the beach, Bangla Road, and bars and clubs on Second Beach Road. Patong Beach has the largest shopping mall in Phuket called Jungceylon. It has 200,000 square meters of land and is full of souvenir shops, restaurants, department stores and movie theaters.

Another popular attraction is the Elephant Swim. While regular Elephant Trekking is often enjoyed by riding in chairs placed on the back of elephants, on the Phuket's Elephant Swim you can straddle them directly. Elephants can hold you with their trunks, splash water on each other, and you can play with elephants with a sense of affinity. The fee is approximately 1,000 Baht (4,000 yen) for adults and 700 Baht  (3,000 yen) for children. The Elephant Swim also includes a wedding plan, and you can take wedding photos.

At Tiger Kingdom you can enter a cage with tigers and touch them or take pictures together. It is about a 20-minute drive from Patong Beach. The admission fee is 500 Baht (1,800 yen). If you want to take a picture with a tiger, there is an additional charge. 

The price varies depending on the size of the tiger. There are also age and height restrictions. Tigers are usually too dangerous to approach, but Tiger Kingdom tigers are safe because they have been raised by trainers since they were babies. However, you need to sign the disclaimer first. You can only see tigers through cages in Japanese zoos, but you can experience something special at Tiger Kingdom by interacting with tigers. 


熊谷 穂花





もう一つの人気スポットはエレファントスイム(象乗り体験)です。 通常のエレファント·トレッキングは象の背中に置かれた椅子に乗ることで楽しむことが多いですが、プーケットのエレファント·スイムでは象の背中を直接まだがることができます。象は鼻であなたを抱き寄せ、お互いに水をかけ、親近感を持って象と遊ぶことができます。料金は大人約1000バーツ(約4000円)、子供約700バーツ(約3000円)で体験することが出来ます。象乗り体験にはウェディング用のプランもあり、結婚式の写真を撮ることも出来ます。




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