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The Musician Satoshi Fukase

By Yuzuki Iwase

Satoshi Fukase is a Japanese musician and a member of a group called SEKAI NO OWARI. He is active both in Japan and abroad. He is currently active in a wide range of activities such as acting and making picture books. He also has a strong commitment to fashion and is attracting a lot of attention.

First, let’s look at Fukase's roots. He was born on October 13, 1985 in Tokyo, Japan. He started music in junior high school. It all started when he made a song with his classmate Nakajin, who also became a member of SEKAI NO OWAR. He wrote his first song in 2005. He and Nakajin were influenced by the punk rock bands NOFX and RANCID, so the song they wrote was punk rock.

He gave up on his dream of becoming a doctor and dropped out of high school. After that, he planned to study abroad in the United States for two years, but developed panic disorder due to differences in language and lifestyle. After he returned to Japan he was hospitalized in a mental hospital. The only thing left for him at that time was music. After leaving the hospital, he gathered some friends and formed a band called SEKAI NO OWARI, which he still belongs to.

Next, about the band SEKAI NO OWARI, to which he belongs. SEKAI NO OWARI consists of four people, Fukase, Nakajin, Saori, and DJ LOVE, each of whom is a childhood friend of Fukase. Fukase plays guitar and vocals, Nakajin plays lead guitar and chorus and other instruments, Saori plays piano and accordion, and DJ LOVE plays DJ and drums. Originally there was no bass and drums, but now supporting members Fukase and Nakajin play bass, and DJ LOVE plays drums.

Fukase and Saori are childhood friends from kindergarten, and he and Nakajin met in elementary school and met DJ LOVE in high school. The lyrics and composition are done by three people other than DJ LOVE, and the sound selector is DJ LOVE. They have released 7 albums and 16 singles. One of their best albums is "ENTERTAINMENT." In addition, they are currently engaged in music activities overseas, and their overseas band name is End of the World. End of the World are currently releasing a new album and seven singles digitally, some of which are in collaboration with international musicians such as Clean Bandit, EPIC High and Steve Aoki.

Finally, about the sense of Fukase. He recreates his dream world in his live concerts, which includes a building and a 40m high tree on the stage for the concert, and tours on a stage that looks like an 80m long train achieving something extraordinarily. He has the creativity and the will to make it happen.

There are many ways to discover the charm of Fukase, such as listening to his songs, attending live concerts, and watching the movies in which he appears. If you have a chance, you should attend one of his live shows.


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