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Miffy Café

(Japanese translation below)

Miffy Café was open for a limited time from Sept. 9 to Oct. 29 at PARCO Department Store. There was an original menu with Miffy motif and a special Sapporo limited menu. There was an area where you could take photos and buy original goods and limited edition goods and you could take commemorative photos with Miffy.

Miffy Café was also open for a limited time in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. The dishes at the cafe are Miffy’s tomato chicken curry, chicken schnitzel burger, pancakes, chiffon cake and mango parfait. The drink menu included fresh mint tea, cotton candy soda, Miffy Latte (hot or iced), hot coffee with waffles and hot tea with waffles.

There was a limited menu in each region. In Sapporo the limited menu was Miffy’s carrot doria and Miffy’s hide-and-seek Mont Blanc. The original goods included stuffed toys, masking tape, clear plastic folder sets, lunch tote bags, cross handkerchiefs and more. The edible goods were marshmallows, sponge cake, flavored tea, Matuzaki Japanese-style cookies and dorayaki.

Miffy is the main character of a picture book drawn by Netherlands designer Dick Bruna. The Dutch name is Nijntje, which is a short form of konijntje which means a little rabbit. Miffy is the English name. One day, Bruna saw a small white rabbit running through the garden at his family villa in Egmont aan Zee, a seaside village in the northern part of the Netherlands.

Nijntje was created in 1955. Nijntje became popular with children using simple lines and clear colors. In 1959 Bruna changed the texture of the picture and the shape of the book. He used red, blue, white, green and yellow as the colors called "Bruna Colors." In 1963 he reworked Nijntje and it was newly translated into various languages. The picture books of Nijntje is popular with all over the world and it has been translated into about 40 languages worldwide.

In Japan, it was translated by Momoko Ishii and published in 1964 as “Chiisana Usako Chan” and was received enthusiastically by many children. Early Nijntje drawings has the ear sideways and the character design is different from the current one. The ear design was revised in 1963 and after the revision the outline became elliptical and the ears were long and sharp, but with each change the ears and contours were rounded into the present form.

Miffy's ghost chiffon cake was delicious. Miffy’s face was on the carrot chiffon cake along with a small bear. Miffy’s TV show was shown throughout the cafe, and a stuffed Miffy doll sat in a chair. You could see Miffy dolls in various places in the café.


石塚 智子










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