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Sapporo Autumn Fest

The annual Autumn Fest was held in Odori Park from November 9 to October 1. This year, about 2.3 million people came out to enjoy food, drink and entertainment. It is very profitable, and the Autumn Fest executive committee donates some of the profits to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

There are many kinds of food shops at the fest. For example, there are ramen shops, soup curry shops, and seafood, meat and desert shops. In particular, the strawberry cone is very delicious. It goes well with condensed milk that is often used on strawberries, but the price is a little expensive.

Here are a few recommendations. If you want to feel the vibe of the festival, you should go to Odori 1-Chome, 5-Chome and 8-Chome. There you will find mostly Hokkaido food shops. If you want to enjoy sweets, you should go to Odori 6-Chome, because there are some popular café and stores.

Many good shops have booths at the Autumn Fest, so it is an enjoyable event for everyone. Next year, the Sapporo Autumn Fest will be held from November 9 to November 30.


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