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Sapporo Belgian Beer Weekend 2018

(Japanese translation below)

The Belgian Beer Weekend 2018 was held in Sapporo from June 22 to July 1 at Odori Park West 8-Chome. This event was held in seven places in six cities throughout Japan. Besides Sapporo, it was also held in Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka, Kobe and at two sites in Tokyo.

In Sapporo, this event offered 84 kinds of Belgian beer, including 32 new kinds. This was mainly drinking while standing style. However, several newly four-seater lounge seats were installed this time. There are many different kinds of Belgian beers.

If you are not sure which one to choose, a taste test set is recommended. You can choose one from three sets by color, taste and body. You will definitely be able to find the set that suits your liking. There are also food items in abundance. Frites (Belgian fried potato) is good to eat while drinking Belgian beer.

The system for this event is simple and easy to understand. Admission to the Belgian Beer Weekend is free of charge, but to drink you need the original BBW glass and tokens. The price of an original BBW glass is ¥800 and 1token is ¥210. They don’t accept cash payments at the beer and food stalls--only tokens. There are some glass rinsers, so you can clean your glass for your next round in no time.

There were some particular and ideas found here and there at this event. In order to understand, the beers were classified in 11 categories. Besides this, there is the two-finger rule for the best amount of foam. This event is attractive for beer lovers. Next year you should try to attend and enjoy the atmosphere.


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