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Death of Japanese Netflix Star Sends Shockwaves

By Sei Ogawa

(Japanese translation coming soon.)

“Terrace House” (“TERRACE HOUSE BOYS GIRLS NEXT DOOR”) is a Japanese reality program series that was broadcast from October 12, 2012 to September 29, 2014, within the “COOL TV” framework of Fuji TV, and later on Netflix and Fuji TV on demand.

Kimura Hana appeared in the latest series of the reality show “Terrace House.’’ She was a famous professional wrestler. She died on May 23rd at the age of 22. When she was alive, she was plagued by online harassment and she was driven mentally into a corner.

She was found lying in her apartment by her mother, Kyoko. She had lost contact with her daughter and rushed to the apartment and found Kimura collapsed in her room. Several other friends besides her mother rushed to the apartment. However, while her mother and friends prayed, she was confirmed dead at the hospital.

Why was she slandered on SNS?

On March 31, 2020, there was a scene in which a male performer mistakenly put an important costume that she was using in professional wrestling on a drying machine, including how she reprimanded him strongly. After the broadcast, there were about 1,000 messages slandering her. Since then, there have been a series of comments on social media to criticize and attack Hana.

These kinds of messages are now considered net bullying and net lynching. Legal measures to prevent them are expected to be taken up in the Diet. As for overseas cases, it is said that the government will consider legal arrangements such as imposing a certain responsibility on the platform providing Social Network Sites services and penalizing those who use defamatory language.