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Korean TV Drama: "Squid Game"

By Misaki Furumura

"Squid Game" is a Korean death game drama which has been distributed on Netflix since September 17, 2021, and is gaining worldwide popularity. It achieved the No.1 spot on Netflix in the United States. Almost a month after its release, it was viewed by 142 million households worldwide and ranked first in 94 countries, making it the biggest hit since Netflix was founded.

Squid Game is a death game where you make a large bet. There are 456 participants in the game, and the defeated players will die. Only one person who wins the six games will win the prize money. Invitations to the Squid Game reach people who have a lot of debt, are in other kinds of trouble, and are standing on the edge of a cliff.

The three main characters are Seong Gi-hun, Cho Sang-woo and Oh ilnam, Seong Gi-hun, failed in business and bears a large amount of debt. He tried to get a lot of money in horse racing but failed. He lives with his older mother because his wife and children abandoned him. He is the 456th last participant. And Gi-hun will meet his childhood friend Cho Sang-woo again in a Squid Game.

Sang-woo is an elite who graduated from Seoul National University and works for a securities company. However, due to his embezzlement, he was in debt and was chased by the police. Oh Ilnam is the 1st participant. He is an old man and simply enjoys playing games. And he is a very important person in the show.

Shortly after the squid game was released, it became a big hit all over the world, raising expectations for Season 2. At first, information on Season 2 was not disclosed, but at an event held in early November 2021, director Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed that Season 2 of "Squid Game" was in progress.


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