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My Hair Is Bad

(Japanese translation below)

By Rio Oyanagi

My Hair is Bad is a three-piece rock band from Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, formed in 2008. In 2008, vocalist Tomomi Shiiki invited drummer Jun Yamada and bassist Hiroki Yamamoto, who were classmates at the same high school, to form the band in Joetsu City, Niigata. Although they were only high school students at the time. The band's ability and reputation grew as they performed with various bands at live houses in their hometown of Niigata.

Tomomi Shiiki was born on March 19, 1992. He was a member of the baseball team in high school but started playing in a band because he hated having a shaved head and wanted to be popular with girls. He is a really straight person and writes the best lyrics that are very honest. He is a genius with a beautiful face, sweet voice, and good fashion sense.

Although he is very slender, he eats a hamburger steak weighing nearly 1 kg for dinner! He is also a big fan of the rock band CreepHyp and used to go to live houses to see them when he was in high school. Shiiki also appeared in the short film Oni for Creep Hype's album which was released in September 2016.

Daiki Yamamoto was born on August 21, 1991. He is also known as "Bayareese" or "Baya.” The band name My Hair is Bad was named after Yamamoto's comment when the band was formed. He is fair-skinned and muscular and is well known for his physical exertion during live performances. He also pays attention to his diet. He also loves cooking and shares his recipes on his Instagram. He is a very kind-hearted person who responds to comments from his followers as if he were a friend.

Jun Yamada is the drummer. He was born on December 18, 1991 and is known as Yamajun. He loves his cat named Milk, which is also the design of My hair is Bad's official T-shirt. He found a job after graduating from high school and played in a band on weekends, but Shiiki told him that he really wanted to continue playing in a band, so he quit his job and devoted himself to the band. He gave it a try, thinking that he would give his all to the band until he was 25 years old, and if that didn't work, he would give up.

My Hair is Bad's career was started in July 2009 with the independent project Konnya Mo Hakanaight! in July 2009. In February 2013, they debuted with the mini-album Kinou Ni Naritakute. On May 11, 2016, they released the single Jidai wo Atsumete and made their major label debut with EMI RECORDS. On December 23, 2020, the CD single life and the digital single love were released simultaneously. At that time, there were no subscriptions for songs other than love.

On April 1, 2022, the band appeared live on TV Asahi's MUSIC STATION and performed Makka and Kannsei Wo Sagashite. This was the band's first TV performance. On the same day, subscriptions to all songs from the band's major label debut except for love were released.

The public reaction to the release of the songs was divided into two camps. Hard-core fans opposed to the release were afraid the songs would be used on TikTok by people who aren't familiar with the music would misuse it, and they were surprised that the group suddenly changed course after having taken a stance of releasing their music on CD only. Those in favor of the release said it made them feel nostalgic for the days when they used to listen to My Hair Is Bad and they were happy they could listen to it anytime.

Shiiki responded on Twitter, saying, "I'm sorry if I surprised you at such short notice. I think I surprised you with my suddenness, and I received many questions and opinions. I can't express what I want to say in words, so I will try to express myself through my music and live performances. I can only say “Leave it to me. I will do my best."

The group members turned 30 this year, and we look forward to their future activities. Fans hope they will take good care of themselves and do their best in their activities.

My Hair Is Bad

大柳 里緒

My Hair is Badとは2008年に結成された新潟県上越市出身の三人組ロックバンドです。2008年、新潟上越市にてボーカルの椎木が同じ高校の同級生であったドラムの山田と、先輩の紹介で知り合ったベースの山本を誘いバンドを結成。当時高校生でありながら、地元新潟のライブハウスで様々なバンドとの共演を経てその実力と評価を高めていった。

メンバー紹介1人目は「椎木 知仁(しいき ともみ)」。ボーカル・ギター担当。1992年3月19日生まれ。高校時代は野球部だったが、坊主頭にするのが嫌だった事と女性にモテたいという思いからバンドを始めます。彼は本当にまっすぐな人間で素直で最高な歌詞を書きます。そしてさらに綺麗な顔立ちで甘い声、ファッションセンスを兼ね備えた天才です。とても華奢だが夜ご飯で1kg近くものハンバーグを食べるほどの量を食べます。またロックバンド"クリープハイプ"の大ファンで、高校時代はクリープハイプを見るためにライブハウスに通い詰めていたほどです。そして2016年9月にリリースされるクリープハイプのアルバムの短編映画「鬼」に椎木が出演しています。

メンバー紹介2人目は山本 大樹(やまもと ひろき)。ベース・コーラス担当。1991年8月21日生まれ。通称バヤリース、バヤと呼ばれています。バンド名である"My Hair is Bad"は結成当時の山本の発言をきっかけに命名された。彼は肌が綺麗で、筋肉があります。LIVEでのパフォーマンスでは身体を激しく動かすことで有名です。また筋肉のために食生活に気をつかっているそうです。そして彼のインスタでは自らの作る料理のレシピを公開するほどの料理好きである。フォロワーのコメント返しも友達のようにしていてすごく心優しい人物です。

メンバー紹介3人目山本 淳(やまもと じゅん)。ドラム担当。 1991年12月18日生まれ。通称やまじゅん。家で飼っている猫"ミルク"を溺愛しており、My hair is badの公式グッズTシャツのデザインにもなっています。彼は高校卒業後は一度就職しており土日でバンド活動をしていましたが、椎木に「どうしてもバンドを続けたい」と言われ仕事を辞めバンドに専念しました。彼は25歳までバンドに全力で取り組んでそれでもダメなら諦めようと考えて挑戦したそうです。

My Hair is Badの経歴について紹介します。2009年7月に自主企画"今夜も吐かNIGHT!!"を開催。2013年2月にミニアルバム『昨日になりたくて』でデビュー。

2016年5月11日にシングル『時代をあつめて』を発売しEMI RECORDSよりメジャーデビュー。2020年12月23日、CDシングル「life」デジタルシングル「love」を同時リリース。当時「love」以外の楽曲のサブスクリプションは行われていませんでした。

2022年4月1日、テレビ朝日系「MUSIC STATION」に生出演し、『真赤』と『歓声をさがして』を披露。これがバンド初のテレビパフォーマンスとなりました。また同日、「love」以外のメジャーデビュー以降の楽曲全てのサブスクリプションが解禁されました。サブスクリプションを解禁したことで世間の反応は賛否両論で分かれていました。反対意見は、「TikTokで使われるから」、「にわかが増えるから」、「CDにこだわってるスタンスだったのに、急に路線変更してしまったから」です。賛成意見は、「よくMy Hair is Badを聞いていた頃を思い出して懐かしく感じるから」、「いつでもMy Hair is Badの曲を聴くことができるから」でした。それに対し椎木は、Twitterでこう述べました。急で驚かせちゃったと思うし、色んな質問や意見をもらったけど、口や文字ではなんとでも言えるから、それはこれからの作品やライブで、きちんと魅せていきたいと思っています。あえて4文字で言うなら「まかせて」であり「がんばる」でもあります。



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