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Popular Japanese Products with Tourists

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

(Japanese translation below)

By Honoka Aizawa

Japanese products are very popular among foreigners. Do you know which ones are popular? Some examples include stationery, body warmers, umbrellas, and other items we use frequently in our daily lives. Grocery items such as cup noodles, frozen foods, and snacks are also popular.

Why are Japanese products so popular with foreigners? This is because of their high quality, safety, and the fact that many of their products are rare and not seen in other countries. Many foreigners buy figurines and other goods inspired by anime, manga and other cultural items originating in Japan. Japanese home appliances and knives are also popular because of their high quality. The reasons for the popularity of these daily necessities are that they are not mainstream in other countries and are easily available at convenience stores.

Japanese culture is also popular among foreigners. For example, eating Japanese food, bathing in hot springs, and wearing kimono are very popular. Due in part to the popularity of hot springs among foreigners, there are more than 20,000 hot spring facilities in Japan. Wearing kimono, which is unfamiliar to foreigners, is also popular, and there are many kimono rental stores in Japan. Japan’s spirit of hospitality and the etiquette unique to Japan are also highly valued by foreigners. Martial arts, tea ceremony, and Japan’s national sport sumo, also seem to be of interest to foreigners.

Thus, Japanese products and culture remain very popular among foreigners. Recently, the restrictions on entry into Japan have been eased and there are more foreign tourists, but it is hoped that a return to a more vibrant Japan filled with foreign tourists will continue.


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