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Emerging Artists in Hokkaido

Going Home by Haruka Koro (2012)

(Japanese translation below)

The "Emerging Artists in Hokkaido" exhibition was held from May 25 to June 23 at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art. This theme of the exhibition was “Tomoni Irukoto, Tomoni Arukoto” and the keyword was “Kyousei” (symbiotic). The artists included in this exhibition were Ikuko Imamuhra, Kineta Kunimatsu, Masayo Keizuka, Haruka Koro, Mikio Saito, Shie Sato, Yuya Suzuki, Rieko Takano, and Ryo Yamada. Most of them are from Sapporo.

These nine artists expressed themselves through paintings and wood carvings in various ways. Their works of art have a very individualistic and original style and express the (symbiotic) relationship between humans and nature. There was a great feeling of loneliness and sadness in their works. Many of the paintings show a person with the background in winter or evening.

In particular, Haruka Koro’s works included many such paintings, including a mountain covered with snow with a person standing on a hill or near a lake. Masayo Keizuka’s works were wood carvings of two children and two rabbits. This title was “Who are you? Who am I?” She made two children with rabbit faces, so there were two rabbits and two children with rabbit faces. The two children were standing next to each other but separated from the two rabbits behind them that were also standing next to each other.

Kineta Kunimatsu’s wood carving looked like a tree trunk and was about 180 centimeters tall, but the top one-third of it was cover with white acrylic glass that looked like white marble. My overall impression of the exhibition was that the artists’ work that was on display matched well with the theme of the exhibition, especially with the key word symbiotic. Humans and nature exist together, yet humans are separated from nature.


内海 雄介

特別展「北海道・いまを生きるアーティストたち」が5月25日から6月23日に北海道立近代美術館で開催されました。この展示会のテーマは「ともにいること ともにあること」です。そしてキーワードは「共生」でした。




全体として、この展示会はテーマの「ともにいること, ともにあること」と上手くあっていました。つまり、人間と自然は一緒に存在しているが、それぞれ別々に存在しているものでもあるのです。


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