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My Favorite Comics

Do you have any favorite comics? Comics (manga) have been a longtime cultural fixture in Japan and around the world. More recently, they have become popular not only in Japan, but also all over the world. Here are two comics you may be interested in.

The first one is called “Saya Saya to” which is written and drawn by Fumiko Tanikawa. She has drawn many comics for girls and this story portrays daily life in a girls’ school. Her drawings are characterized with soft colors and her touching stories. All of the characters in this story are very charming and amiable, especially Saya, the main character. She is lovely. After you read it, you may feel refreshed and calm. What’s more, this comic is easy to read and to complete because it consists of only four volumes.

The next comic is called “Tanaka-kun is Always Listless” and is drawn by Nozomi Uda. In this story, the main character is Tanaka, who always looks listless and who hopes to one day become special. He has a good friend named Ohta. Though Ohta looks intimidating, he is an obliging person and he likes dinky things and sweets.

In addition to Tanaka and Ohta, there are many characters that have a strong sense of individuality. This story portrays their daily life in high school. The story is a youthful comedy and after you read it, it may burst out laughing while you read it. This comic was also made into an animated film. This story is still being serialized and you can read some stories on the Internet. I hope you will enjoy reading these two comic books and that you will one day find your own favorite manga.

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