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New “Death Note” Film Disappoints

The new movie Death Note: Light up the New World is the 3rd sequel in the Death Note movie series which began in 2006. It opened in theaters on October 29, 2016. Since its opening it has brought in 2 billion yen at the box office with an audience attendance of 1.5 million.

The movie is a detective supernatural psychological thriller set ten years after the heroic battle between Kira, the genius high school student named Light Yagami who discovered the death note notebook and who sent many evil people to their untimely deaths, and the world-famous detective L.

In this film, six new death notes were sent in the human world on the orders of the death reaper king, and the people who got a death note started to scramble. Director Sato Shinsuke has worked on many famous movies, such as Library Wars and Gantz and is famous in the Japanese movie industry. However, I give this movie only two out of five stars.

First of all, there wasn’t any depth to the story. In the original comic series, TV anime series and the last two live-action movies, many intriguing and sophisticated brain game scenes between Kira and L were highlighted. But in this movie all of the main characters seemed stupid.

Another annoying point is that the movie trailer emphasized there were six death notes, but the characters used only use two or three death notes. This was both disappointing and deceptive. It seems that the director and the script writer tried to make the storyline simple to attract a larger audience, but it ended up being a pile of rubbish.

Anyone who has read the original comics and seen the TV anime series will realize that this movie is based on Death Note in name only.

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