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Disney's new Beauty and the Beast

(Japanese translation below)

Beauty and the Beast is a live-action Disney movie which was released this year. It opened in theaters on April 21, 2017. Since its opening it brought in more than ¥21 million at the box office with an audience attendance of ¥1.5 million in its first 6 days.

The story takes place long ago somewhere in Europe. A handsome prince is transformed into an ugly beast by a curse. If the prince can’t find love before all of the rose petals fall, he can never return to his human form. The beautiful Bell was captured by the Beast when she went to his castle to search for her father.

Director Bill Condon has directed many famous movies, such as Gods and Monsters and Dream Girls and is famous in the American movie industry. Bell is played by Emma Watson. She is a British actress known for her role of Hermione of the Harry Potter series. Beast is played by Dan Stevens. He is a British actor known for his role in Sir Lancelot in Night at the museum: Secret of the Tomb. In this movie Emma Watson received an award for her performance, and the film won the Best Picture Award.

This story comes from a literary work by Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve who wrote about a human-animal marriage in 1740. The shortened version that is widely known now was written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in 1756. The first film version, La Balle et la Bete, was released in France in 1946, followed by an Australian version in 2009 and another French adaptation, La Bellle et la Bete, in 2014. There are two Disney Beauty and the Beast movies. The first was the animated film Beauty and the Beast in 1991, and now the live-action film this year.

This film is a combination of animation and live-action. However, there are some differences between the animated version and the new live-action version. First, in the animated version, Bell’s mother was never seen, but in the live-action movie the mother died of an illness when Bell was small. Another difference was that in the animated film, Bell’s father was very ill, but in the new version he was not sick.

This movie is very beautiful and it’s interesting because there are some different scenes from the animated version. You will definitely enjoy the new Beauty and the Beast.


智子 石塚



この話は1740年に出版され、異類婚姻譚を扱ったガブリエル=スザンヌ・ド・ヴィルヌーヴの文学作品が基になっている。現在知られているのはその短縮版で1756年にジャンヌ=マリー・ルプランス・ド・ボーモンによって書かれたものである。最初の映画化である『La Belle et la Bete』は1946年にフランスで公開されている。それに続いて2009年にオーストラリアで公開され、更に2014年には、もう1つのフランス版である『La Belle et la Bete』が公開された。




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