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K-Pop gaining popularity in Japan

K-Pop group TWICE

(Japanese translation below)

In the 1990s, K-pop became popular in Korea. K-pop was influenced by Japanese J-pop music. Today, there are a lot of K-pop idols that debuted in Japan. In the late 2000s, Korean culture was become more popular in East Asia.

In 2003, the Korean drama “Winter Sonata” was a big hit in Japan. The leading actor in the drama, Bae Yong-joon, had a lot of middle-aged women fans. Also, the group KARA’s song “Mister’ and Girls’ Generation song “Gee” became very popular.

After that these two groups appeared in NHK’s New Year’s Red and White Singing Festival, many people copied their dance moves. But the group KARA disbanded after that. Then, not only dramas, but also movies, music and language became popular.

In 2004, sales of the NHK Hangul textbook became a best seller following English and the Korean singer PSY’s song “Gangnam Style” became very popular throughout the world. The song’s music video became very famous. View counts on YouTube reached more than 28 billion. This song reached No.2 on the U.S. Billboard Charts, which is a record for a Korean singer.

In 2009, the K-pop group Big Bang debuted in Japan and won best new artist in The Japan Record Award. Their song “Fantastic Baby” was a big hit all over the world and then they went on their first world tour. In 2015, Big Bang went on their second world tour, but recently they have stopped touring.

K-pop idol group TWICE is popular lately. In 2015 they debuted in Korea and three of their members are Japanese. Their song “TT” is popular and young women copy their dance moves. They debuted in Japan on June 28, 2017. They will be more and more successful from now on in Japan. There are many K-pop groups which are active in Japan, so everyone should try to listen to K-pop when you have the chance.


主藤 陽佳



2009年、韓国のグループBig Bangが日本でデビューし、日本レコード大賞で新人賞を受賞した。彼らの歌「Fantastic Baby」は世界的ヒットとなり、Big Bangは初めてのワールドツアーを果たした。グループは2015年、二回目のワールドツアーを行ったが、現在はユアーを行っていない。



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