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Real Escape Room in Sapporo

(Japanese translation below)

Recently, Real Escape games are popular among young people. A Real Escape Room is real version of Escape Game computer game. In the game, a player is locked up in a room and must solves the riddles, hints, and secrets before time is up. You can actually experience these in various situations. In the past, there were escape games made using amusement parks and former schools.

In Sapporo there is a place where you can experience a Real Escape game almost every day. The name of the store is “Ajito of Scrap.” This store specializes in Real Escape games for small groups of people. The maximum number of participants is ten. It’s possible to go with friends, go alone, or with strangers.

There are different types of Games. For example, the room type, the hall type and the field type. The field type has no time limit. You can try to solve a mystery while walking around the city at your own pace. The setting could be in an area such as a specific city or facility. This is one of the enjoyable points because each type of game is different.

This shop collaborated with various animations such as Detective Konan, Attack on Titan, Pokémon, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and more. Recently, SEKAI NO OWARI collaborated with Real Escape Game to rent out an amusement park at night.

Depending on the performance, the escape success rate (game clear rate) is roughly ten percent. But, depending on the game, you can choose the difficulty level. There are many games without age restriction, so both children and adults can enjoy it. When you join as a team, you can make memories and deepen your friendships.


葛西 真由



フィールドタイプは時間制限がありません。自分のペースで町を歩きながら謎を解くことができます。設定される場所は、特定の町や施設でもあることがあります。それぞれタイプの異なるゲームがあるので楽しめるひとつのポイントです。このお店は、名探偵コナン、進撃の巨人、ポケモン、ジョジョの奇妙な冒険など、さまざまなアニメーションとコラボしています。最近では、SEKAI NO OWARIが共同で夜の遊園地でリアル脱出ゲームを開催しました。



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