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Delicious Korean foods

(Japanese translation below)

The Korean boom continues in Japan in recent years. So what do you think of when you think of Korean food? Kimchi? Chimijin? Cold noodles? Bibimbap? Most people probably think of those when they think of Korean food. Delicious Korean food isn't only available in Japan. Some classic Korean cuisine, sweets and candy are described below.

☆Basic dishes with Korean rice.


This is a Korean type of Norimaki (rice wrapped in seaweed). Kinpa is stuffed with carrots, spinach, kimchi, egoma leaves, pickled radish, beef, ham, tuna, crab boiled fish paste, cheese and fried egg.

< Kuppa >

Soup or side dishes with rice and are sometimes served before the main meal. There are soups that aren’t spicy and you can order them with YANNYOMU sauce separately or together, and you can add raw red chili pepper and kimchi to suit your taste.

☆Korean food with noodles.

<JYA-JYA noodles >

This dish is made by stirring finely chopped minced pork and bean miso and placing it on top of boiled noodles.

< BIBIN noodles >

This is a traditional cold noodle dish which is very popular, especially in summer. The noodles are made from very thin wheat or buckwheat flour similar to Japanese noodles and is mixed with KOCHUJAN sauce (a sweet and spicy red chili paste). Stir and eat.

These are just a few of many Korean dishes. If you go to Korea you will soon notice that the seasoning used there is different than what is used in Japan. In addition, you can enjoy the food that Koreans most often eat. By all means, please visit Korea and enjoy the food.


小田部 爽香














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