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All Night-NIPPON

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

(Japanese translation below)

By Kouki Watanabe

Do you know the most famous radio program in Japan? It is called “All Night-NIPPON.” It is a very long-running program with a history of more than 50 years since its first broadcast. It has undergone various changes and continues to this day. Everyone has heard the program's theme song, "BITTERSWEET SAMBA," at least once. Anyone can listen to “All Night-Nippon'' for free using an application called radiko. You can also listen anytime within a week after the broadcast. However, it costs money if you subscribe to radiko premium to listen to the broadcasts nationwide.

This program is basically a live broadcast and begins at 1:00 a.m. In recent years, the programs “All Night-NIPPON X” and “All Night-NIPPON 0” were derived from “All Night-NIPPON” and have been broadcast before and after “All Night-NIPPON” broadcast time. “All Night-NIPPON X” in particular is very popular, using popular teenagers as personalities.

The current personalities are “Creepy Nuts,” Gen Hoshino, Nogizaka46, Ninety-Nine, Shimohuri Myojo and Audrey. They are very popular with a wide range of people. Currently, “Audrey's All Night-NIPPON'' is especially popular. It is the second longest-running program on "All Night Nippon" after Ninety-Nine. In the Metropolitan Area Radio Listening Rate Survey (for men and women aged 12-69) by Video Research, it had the single highest listening rate in the same time slot for 38 consecutive times since the February 2016 survey.

The program's listeners are called "Little Twoos.” What makes their radio program unique is that it consists mostly of talk. A typical radio station might play music and read emails sent by listeners, but they rarely do such things. Every two months, there is a period of time called “Special Week.” For radio stations, “Special Week” is a period during which to measure listening rates. We call them "Special Weeks'' to make them easier for listeners to understand. Basically, guests come to that period.

Each year, from mid-February to early March, information on ANN's reorganization is announced. Programs end or new programs begin due to reorganization. Radio listeners dread this announcement every year to see if their favorite personalities will end up on the radio. It is very sad that the radio I liked is ending, but it means that a new radio program is starting. It is very exciting to listen to a new radio program.

“All Night-NIPPON” is an indispensable source of entertainment for listeners in their daily lives. If you find a personality that interests you in any way, I recommend you give them a listen. You will be captivated.

All Night-NIPPON

渡邊 恒己

日本で一番有名なラジオ番組を知っていますか?それは「オールナイトニッポン」という番組です。初回放送から50年以上の歴史がある超長寿番組です。様々な変遷を経て、現在も続いています。番組のテーマソングである”BITTERSWEET SAMBA”は、誰もが一度は耳にしたことがあるのではないでしょうか。「オールナイトニッポン」は、radikoというアプリを使えば誰でも無料で聴くことができます。また、放送後1週間以内であれば、いつでも聴くことができます。ただし、全国の放送を聴く場合はラジコプレミアムに加入する必要があるためお金がかかります。


現在のパーソナリティは、Creepy Nuts、星野源、乃木坂46、ナインティナイン、霜降り明星、オードリーが務めています。どのパーソナリティーも幅広い年齢層から人気を集めています。

現在、特に人気が高いのは「オードリーのオールナイトニッポン」です。オールナイトニッポンでは、ナインティナインに次ぐ長寿番組です。ビデオリサーチ社の「首都圏ラジオ聴取率調査(12~69歳男女)」では、2016年2月調査から現在に至るまで38回連続で同時間帯の聴取率単独1位を獲得しています。この番組のリスナーは、リトルトゥースと呼ばれています。彼らのラジオ番組の特徴は、ほとんどがトークで構成されていることです。普通のラジオなら、音楽を流したり、リスナーから送られてきたメールを読んだりすることがありますが、彼らはそういうことをほとんどしません。彼ら のトークが人気であることがわかります。 





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