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Art Project TeamLab

(Japanese Translation below)

By Kazuho Otake

Today’s world has been rapidly evolving digitally. The art world is also subverting the way of thinking through digital means. Conventional paintings are appreciated in a picture frame or are created within a limited scope. In the case of digital, it defies the norm. The way to do this is to use graphic design. Thus, the possibilities are expanded. 

For example, not only the inside of a room, but also the outside is made into a work of art. Such companies that do this do in fact exist. TeamLab is one of those companies. Such a fusion of science and art has unlimited potential. This innovation has not only affected adults, but children and young people as well.

TeamLab was founded in 2001 by five university students from the University in Tokyo and Tokyo Institute of Technology. This company has been producing art since the founding of the company and also do their own production, including web development. Their activities do not stop here. As evidence of this, the company has received many accolades around the world. 

Why is TeamLab admired around the world? Toshiyuki Inoko, president of TeamLab Inc., says it may be because of the attention it has garnered by the dramatically changing  standards of beauty. A recent new project, Azabudai Hills, is scheduled to open in Azabu, Tokyo, in February 2024. And it was announced at the preview that two new works by TeamLab will be unveiled there in advance. One of these works, the projection mapping Bubble Universe, is based on the theme of "cognitive existence.” It is created by projecting images onto glass spheres, creating the illusion of being lost in a fantasy space. 

Company president Toshiyuki Inoko said that you can create environments using projection mapping that you can’t create with just photography alone. Specifically, each sphere has an LED light built into it, creating a jelly-like texture that resembles a soap bubble. Of course, more projects will be added to the lineup when it opens, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see what the lineup will look like.

In light of the above, TeamLab's evolution will still continue unabated. Their future activities will far exceed our imagination. Because of these unpredictable ideas and imagination, fans are looking forward to their future works with great anticipation. 


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