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Furano Flower Garden Tomita Farm

(Japanese translation below)

By Haruna Watanabe

Hokkaido is rich in nature. Furano, especially, has many colorful and beautiful flower gardens. Various flowers bloom in May, but the best time to view them is in Mid-July. The most famous flower garden in Furano is Farm Tomita. There are 14 flower fields and facilities at Tomita Farm. The traditional lavender fields and Irodori fields are popular.

Tomita Farm’s lavender field is the oldest lavender field in Japan, which is how Farm Tomita began. It’s also the field that triggered the spread of Furano’s lavender throughout the country by being introduced on the Japanese National Railways calendar.

If you climb to the top of the field, you can see the scenery of the Furano Basin and Tokachidake mountain range beyond the lavender swaying in the wind. The flowering time is from late June to early August, and the best time to see it is from early to late July.

The Irodori field is a representative field of Farm Tomita, where seven colored flowers such as purple lavender, white gypsophila, red poppy, pink Komachiso, and orange California poppy color the gentle hills. A brightly colored flower belt creates a beautiful rainbow on a gentle slope canvas. The flowering time is from early to late July, and the best time to see it is from mid to late July.

There is not only a flower garden but also a cafe in the park. There are various things such as soft serve ice cream, sweets, food and drinks. Soft serve ice cream is the most popular. Lavender soft ice cream that can only be tasted at Farm Tomita is an original soft ice cream with lavender extract, which is refreshing and easy to eat. In addition, there is also melon flavored soft ice cream using melons from Hokkaido and lavender white chocolate ice cream during summer only.

Farm Tomita is very suitable for sightseeing and is a place where you can enjoy seeing and eating. If you visit the Furano area, be sure to go there.

富良野の花畑 ファーム富田

渡部 晴菜








ソフトクリーム、スイーツ、フードやドリンクなど様々なものが提供されており、中でもソフトクリームが最も人気がある。ファーム富田でしか味わえないラベンダーソフトクリームはラベンダーエキス入りのオリジナルソフトクリームで、さっぱりとして食べやすい。他にも北海道産のメロンを使ったメロンソフトクリームや夏季限定のラベンダーホワイトチョコレートアイスもある。 このようにファーム富田には観光にとても適していて見るのも食べるのも楽しめる場所だ。富良野エリアに行ったら必ずそこに行ってみてほしい。


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