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Game Review: Dead by Daylight

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

By Erika Ishida

Dead by Daylight is a horror video game developed by the Canadian game company Behavior Interactive. This game is familiar to adult gamers all over the world. It can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. However, Dead by Daylight has an age restriction, so people under age 18 can’t play it.

Dead by daylight is played by four survivors and a killer. The survivor team must repair 5 of the 7 generators on the map. After that, they can open the gate and escape. The killers try to find and chase the survivors. The survivors who are caught are executed by hanging. However, the survivors hanging on the gallows are able to get help. But if the same survivor is hanged three times, they cannot be revived. When you play as a survivor, you can enjoy the excitement of being chased by the killer. When you play as the killer, you can enjoy the exhilaration when you find a survivor.

Currently up to 29 survivors and 27 killers can play at the same time. The killers use their abilities to hunt down survivors. The survivors have the same abilities except for their appearance. Instead, survivors can bring in one item per game. Survivors use items to advance the match to their advantage.

The survivors and killers can use up to four perks that can advance the game to their advantage. Killers can use perks to further exploit their individual abilities. Survivors can gain passive skills through a combination of perks. Those who want to play chase with the killer use a perk specializing in escape. Those who want to repair a lot of generators use perks that have increased repair speed.

Dead by Daylight is a collaboration with many horror movies and games. They are all famous works, such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and SAW. The horror movie villains are used in Dead by Daylight. The villain from SAW uses the leg hold trap that appeared in the movie. In March 2022, the villain from the Japanese horror movie Sadako was included in the game. The movies’ heroes have also been incorporated into the game. For example, Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine.

Dead by Daylight has an official competition. In February 2022, the Dead by Daylight Japan Championship was held online. There was a prize money for this tournament. The first place team was awarded 1.2 million yen, the second place team was awarded 600,000 yen, and the third place team was awarded 360,000 yen. All of the top eight teams were awarded cash prizes. The tournament had its own rules, so everyone was able to see tactics and team play that they couldn’t previously.


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