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Popular Netflix Shows

(Japanese translation below)

By Shizuka Kudo

Streaming services for watching movies and shows are very popular these days. Netflix is one of the most popular services throughout the world, including Japan. Let’s look at some of the most popular movies and dramas in Japan and other countries.

By comparing various sites to find out what genres are popular, we can see that the most popular drama in the world currently is “FUBAR.” “FUBAR” is the first American action-comedy television series produced by Nick Santra for Netflix to star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The main character, Luke, hides his identity as a CIA agent from his family. He was about to retire at the age of 65, but in fact, his daughter was also a CIA agent. Perhaps because the parent-child relationship became complicated, the two of them were placed in a buddy group and challenged to take on a dangerous mission. The highlight of this drama is whether they can protect the world. Despite its launch in May, it continues to maintain its top ranking in the world.

A popular movie in Japan is Kingdom 2: Far and Away. It is a work by manga artist Yasuhisa Hara. It began serialization in book form in 2006 with the first “Kingdom,” and a third Kingdom movie will be released this July. As of 2022, the cumulative circulation exceeded 87 million copies. It is a live-action movie based on the popular comic.

The first print version of the story is set during China’s Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period. The story centers on the journey of an unknown boy and young king as they try to change the kingdom’s course of history where it will lead to their destiny being marked by violence and pain.

In the third Kingdom 2 film, neighboring countries start invading Qin across the border. Ri Shin, the main character, dreams of fighting as an infantryman on the battlefield. “FUBAR” and Kingdom 2 are very popular and interesting. Netflix’s popular movies change every week, but these shows have been in the top 10 for consecutive weeks. Even if you’re not interested in action movies, you won’t get tired of either, so you can enjoy them.


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