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SNS Nuisance Videos Increasing

(Japanese translation below)

By Reona Nagae

Since the beginning of this year, the topic of nuisance videos on SNS have often been reported by the media. It began with the sushi restaurant Sushiro case on January 29, 2023. The perpetrator of this case had spit on the sushi and licked the soy sauce bottle. This video was uploaded to a SNS and offended many people. The disturbance led to SNS users to search for past videos.

The Sushiro case committed by a high school student tarnished the image of conveyor-belt-sushi and caused huge damage to Akindo Sushiro Co. As a result, the high school student who committed this crime was identified and his high school was flooded with complaints and slanderous phone calls. He voluntarily stopped going to school, and tweets in support of Sushiro trended on SNS.

Uploading a video on the Internet like he did, and then deleting it but leaving the data, is called a digital tattoo or a digital footprint. Furthermore, if a digital tattoo of a bad deed remains, it can have an irrevocable impact on your life. In fact, when the video he uploaded led to his identification, he was expelled from high school. It was reported in the news in June that Akindo Sushiro Co. has filed a lawsuit against him claiming 68 million yen in damages. The case has not yet been adjudicated.

The psychology behind posting nuisance videos on the Internet is mainly the desire to stand out among friends and to be popular. There are many cases where people assume that only their friends can view the videos, but they are often spread further by their friends.

This incident should be a learning experience on how to deal with SNS. Anything you post on a SNS will spread in the blink of an eye and will not disappear even if you erase it. Remember, it could ruin your life.


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