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SU Women’s Soccer Club VISTA

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

(Japanese translation below)

By Chie Takeyama

In recent years, the popularity of women's soccer has increased worldwide. Sapporo University has a Women's Soccer Club named VISTA, which belongs to the 1st division of the Hokkaido Women’s Soccer League. VISTA is currently active six days a week with 24 club members and 7 staff including the head coach, 4 training coaches, a trainer and an advisor.

VISTA's emblem has the following meanings: The main red fox is howling towards the top crown of the emblem and there is a sapling under the emblem. The sapling of this tree means that we will grow as a team, as individuals, and continue to make team history. Also, the sapling of this tree grows towards the crown, which means "aiming for the throne."

VISTA started as a club in 2009 and officially started as a club activity at Sapporo University in 2011. This year (2022), the team slogan is “Aggressive, speedy and unconventional soccer.” In addition, VISTA aims to develop human resources who can think for themselves, act independently, and play an active role in society in the future through the wonderful sport of soccer.

The competitions that Vista participates in are mainly the Hokkaido Women’s Soccer League, the Empress’s Cup, and the All-Japan University Women’s Soccer Championship. In the past three years, the team has won the Hokkaido League and the Empress's Cup Hokkaido Preliminaries in the 2020 season, finished second in the Hokkaido League and the Empress's Cup Hokkaido Preliminaries in the 2021 season, and won the Hokkaido League's Empress's Cup Hokkaido Preliminaries in the 2022 season. However, VISTA was unable to go to the finals at this year’s Empress’s Cup National tournament.


竹山 智恵



VISTAは2009年に同好会として発足、2011年に札幌大学の部活動としてスタートしました。今年(2022年)のチームスローガンは “アグレッシブでスピーディーな型にはまらないサッカー” です。また、VISTAはサッカーという素晴らしいスポーツを通じて、自ら考え主体的に行動し、将来社会に出て活躍できる人材の育成を目標としています。


12月24日から1月6日まで全日本大学女子サッカー選手権大会が行われました。SU VISTAは1回戦で敗退しましたが、練習を一生懸命に、来年度また戦います


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