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The German Christmas Market in Sapporo

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

(Japanese translation below)

By Ayari Oe

The German Christmas Market in Sapporo was held at Odori Park for the first time in three years. This event was canceled the year before last, and held online last year due to the coronavirus, so a lot of people were looking forward to it. This event has been held since 2002 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the sister city partnership with Munich, Germany. Christmas goods, Christmas tree ornaments and German cuisine were sold at the event. It was held in Odori Park for about one month from November 22nd to December 25th.

Also, you could see beautiful illuminations from November 22nd. This was the first illumination in Japan and started in 1981. There were very beautiful illuminations everywhere. The venues were Odori Park, Sapporo Station North Exit, Sapporo Station South Exit Plaza, Minami Ichijo Dori, and Kita 3-Jo Square. This year, the Odori venue was held from November 22nd to December 25th, the Sapporo Station venue from November 22nd to February 11th, and the others from November 22nd to March 14th. Those who visited before December 25 were able to see an unusual dreamlike world that is not often seen in Japan.

My first visit to The German Christmas Market in Sapporo was when I was in the first grade. I still remember that time. The hot cocoa was sweet, warm, and very tasty. Red and green ornaments that cannot usually be seen in Odori Park are for sale, and the food is exceptional under the cold sky. My friend buys one Christmas tree ornament every year! This is the first time in three years that they have held this event, so this year they bought three Christmas tree ornaments and decorated their house. Maybe you can find a great ornament too!

Because the winter in Hokkaido is cold, Christmas and illuminations can feel wonderful. Hopefully, everyone spent a wonderful time with their family, friends, and loved ones for the first time in three years.


大江 彩莉

札幌ミュンヘンクリスマス市が3年ぶりに大通公園で開催されます。 コロナウイルスの影響で一昨年は中止、昨年はオンラインでの開催だったので、多くの方が楽しみにしてきました。このイベントはドイツのミュンヘンとの姉妹都市提携30周年を記念して2002年から開催されています。 イベントでは、クリスマスグッズやクリスマスツリーのオーナメント、ドイツ料理などを販売します。 11月22日から12月25日までの約1ヶ月、大通公園で開催されます。

また、11月22日からは美しいイルミネーションを見ることができます。これは1981年から始まった日本初のイルミネーションです。見渡す限り、とても美しいイルミネーションを見ることができます。 会場は大通公園、札幌駅北口、札幌駅南口広場、南一条通り、北3条広場です。 今年は大通会場が11月22日から12月25日まで、札幌駅前会場が11月22日から2月11日まで、その他が11月22日から3月14日まで開催されます。 そのため、12月25日までに訪れると、日本ではあまり見ることのできない、幻想的な夢のような世界を見ることができるでしょう。




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