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Touring Hokkaido by Motorcycle

(Japanese Translation below)

By Sunsuke Akira

Hokkaido is considered a sacred place for motorcycle enthusiasts in Japan because of its wide-open spaces. It is so popular that some bikers migrate to Hokkaido. Bikers like Hokkaido because there are few traffic lights in Hokkaido, so they can ride fast. In addition, they can enjoy beautiful views. Here are some good touring spots in Hokkaido. 

Lake Shikotsu is the third largest lake in Hokkaido. It is known for its beautiful blue water surface. The lake is in the countryside, so you might be able to see many stars reflected there. Lake Shikotsu is a good location as it’s only about 30 minutes from Sapporo by motorcycle. The road between Sapporo and the lake is winding and enjoyable for people who like to attack the corners by motorcycle. There are many wild animals in Hokkaido. In particular, there are many deer in this region, so bikers need to be careful.

The Ororon Line is approximately a 380 km road that runs along the coast and stretches from Otaru to Wakkanai. You can see the Sea of Japan on the right side and the coastal plain on the left side. Because of its long road, there are many famous places along the Ororon line. For example, Cape Ogon is known for its beautiful sunsets and crab fishing. 

Bikers greet each other saying, “Yaeh” while driving. This is not only a greeting, but also a prayer for safety. You can express it however you like. For example, you can give a peace sign or wave your hand.

In this way, you can enjoy Hokkaido by riding a motorcycle. It is difficult to write about the refreshing feeling or goodness of nature by bike, so first, Try it yourself. If you don’t have a motorcycle license, you can ride on the back of someone’s bike.


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