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Weathering With You

(Japanese translation below)

By Takuma Otaka

The movie Weathering With You was made by Makoto Shinkai. His representative works are 5 Centimeters Per Second which was released in 2007 and Your Name, which was released in 2016 as well as many others. Your Name was a big hit and it’s still fresh in our memory. His movies gained great popularity with not only Japanese, but also people from around the world. Therefore, he won numerous awards. Now, he is a renown animator representing Japan. Weathering With You was high anticipated by many people.

There are many outstanding features in his movies. First, the scenery is very beautiful; for example, street scenes, the sky and even drops of rain. Everything is so realistic. Second, the story is very fantastic. When you watch his movies you are pulled into his world. He makes a lot of magnificent and emotional movies. Third, the songs match well with the scenes. They bring excitement to the movie and make an impression on people.

Weathering With You was released on July 19, 2019. This story is about a boy who came to Tokyo from a remote island and a girl who has an amazing ability to control the weather. This is a fantasy and romance movie. There are many thrilling an impressive highlights. The last scene was especially moving. The theme song is by RADWIMPS, a popular boy band in Japan. This group’s song will make you very excited.

In the first 75 days about 10 million people saw this movie and box-office grosses were 13 billion yen. This is ranked as the fastest, highest grossing animation movie in Japan. This movie will be released in 140 countries and it was chosen as an academy award candidate. Shinkai’s movies are very influential. This movie is impressive and highly recommended.


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