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ESS club going strong after 50 years

Sapporo University ESS Club Members

(Japanese translation below)

The Sapporo University ESS club has a long history. The ESS club has been in existence since the founding of the university. Actually, Prof. Mitarai was an ESS member in the inaugural class. It proves that ESS club activities have continued for 50 years. However, the club has not always been stable.

There was also a period when activities were declining, but the ESS club has maintained energetic activities for the last ten years. ESS now has 41 members. There are twelve freshmen, nineteen sophomores, and ten juniors. There are more males than females. The ESS supervisor is Prof. Bossaer.

The club has activities every Tuesday from 6 p.m. They mainly have a discussion on one topic and sometimes they participate in some contests. Exchange students and other native speakers often come to visit and communicate with ESS members.

The 44th Recitation Contest was held on June 11, 2017. This contest was for freshmen members. It was held by HESSL. HESSL stands for Hokkaido English Speaking Society League. HESSL is organized with six member universities. The SU ESS members participate in the contest every year.

Five universities participated in the competition this year. This contest has three categories: poetry, speech, and drama. Twelve students took part in their first contest. They performed "Stand by Me" in the drama category, “Letter for my Children” in the poetry category, “How I Learned to Trade Stocks in Prison” in the speech category.

They aimed for victory in all of the categories. They made a good effort and won the first prize in the speech category, and won third prize in the drama and poetry categories. They were really disappointed that they could not win in all categories, but even if they could not get first place in the drama and poetry categories, any award is appreciated.

Their performances were very moving and they tried new things in the contest. All in all, this was a good opportunity for the new ESS members. After this, there will be more competitions. They will surely try many new things and have many great experiences.


安藤 瑞季




今年はこの大会に5つの大学のESSが参加した。この大会はポエトリー、スピーチ、ドラマの3つの競技がある。札幌大学からは12人の部員がこの大会に参加した。彼らはドラマ部門で「Stand by Me」、ポエトリー部門で「Letter for my Children」、スピーチ部門で「How I Learned to Trade Stocks in Prison」を披露した。




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