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Low-Cost Carrier flights increasing

LCCs in Japan

(Japanese translation below)

Have you ever flown on a Low-Cost Carrier (LCC)? LCCs provide only basic services, run efficient operations and cut extra costs. For example, they cut in-flight meals and there is a strict weight limit on carry-on baggage. The number of LCC flights have increased in Japan this year. Jetstar increased its number of flights to 36 and Vanilla Air increased 60 flights compared with last year.

The number of LCCs flights from New Chitose Airport have increased 30 percent. The first LCC introduced in Japan is Jet Star in 2007 and LCC rapidly became famous in 2010. The first fully owned Japanese LCC was Peach in 2011.

LCCs change fares depending on seat availability. If tickets are in high demand, the fare increases. LCCs have a time sale system. During a time sale you can get a one way ticket from Sapporo to Tokyo for only ¥1,990. However, the time sale system is random and it’s first-come first-served, so you need to check the website frequently.

Here are some of LCCs that operate out of New Chitose Airport. Jetstar is owned by JAL and is based in Narita, Kansai and Chubu airports. There are 11 domestic flights and 17 foreign flights. Jetstar flies to Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Peach is operated by ANA and is based at Kansai Airport. They have 12 domestic flights and 4 foreign flights to Korea, China, Taiwan and Thailand. One way fare from Sapporo to Tokyo can be as low as ¥3,990.

Vanilla Air also operated by ANA and is based in Narita Airport. They have 6 domestic flights and 4 foreign flights to Cebu Island, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan. One way fare from Sapporo to Tokyo can be as low as ¥5,050.

To sum up, the advantages of using LCCs are their cheap prices and their new equipment. The disadvantages of using LCCs are the overweight baggage restrictions and drinks and meals cost extra. Also, the seats are very narrow. The reason why LCC flights have increased in Japan is exactly what its name implies-low cost.


工藤 栞菜







まとめると、LCC を利用することのメリットは安くて機材が新しいこと。デメリットは重量オーバーの荷物に料金がかかり、機内食が有料なこと。そして座席が狭いことである。LCCが日本で増加した理由はまさに名前のとおり“安い”からに他ならない。飛行機を予約するときはこのことをしっかり認識するべきである。


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