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Legendary Artists of the 20th Century

French Atelier of Painters: titled "School of Fine Arts - Painter Workshop" (Ecole des Beaux-Arts - Atelier de Peintre)

(Japanese translation below)

The Legendary Artists of 20th Century exhibition was held from April 22 to August 15 at the Hokkaido Modern Art Museum. This is the 40th year the museum has been open. This exhibition was a special exhibition showcasing the masterpieces of European and Japan Artists in the 1920’s. The general admission fee for adults was¥510. The admission fee for high school and college student was¥250.

This exhibition mainly displayed the works of Ecole de Paris’s artists. For example, Jules Pascin, Chaim Soutine and Moise Kisling. Also, many Japanese artist’s works were displayed there. Yuzo Saeki and Tuguharu Fujita were among those on exhibition. Ecole de Paris had a big influence of artists in later generation.

Ecole de Paris consisted of a group of foreign artists who lived in Paris. There were many artists who left their homeland and lived a poor and miserable life. And the house and atelier in Montparnasse is where they created their art.

At the museum, the pictures were displayed on the walls and an explanation about each artist was written next to their picture. The most important works of Ecole de Paris’s artists were there. The paintings “Praying Man” by Chaim Soutine and “Street in Montrouge” by Maurice Utrillo were truly amazing. Many pictures were displayed on the first floor of this exhibition.

If you have an interest knowing more about Ecole de Paris, please visit this exhibition. You will learn about many artists of Ecole de Paris even if you don’t know anything about art.


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