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Things to see and do in New York City

New York City

(Japanese translation below)

Do you like to travel? New York City is one of the most popular tourist destinations. New York is about a 13-hour flight from Japan. First, you’ll need to know some basic information about New York.

In the spring they hold the annual Easter Parade. Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is a national holiday. In the summer there are firework displays on July 4. The Fourth of July is Independence Day in the U.S.

It’s also important to learn about the history or culture of places you visit when you travel. You can enjoy your travels more if you know your destination’s history and culture. Let’s look at some of New York City’s history. As you probably know, the Statue of Liberty is the symbol of New York. France gave this statue to the U.S. for its 100year anniversary. If you look at the feet you will notice that the chains and shackles have been torn off. It represents liberation from oppression. All people are equal and free.

When we think of the U.K. we think of tea, and when we think of the U.S. we have an image of coffee. Those images are deeply rooted in the American War of Independence. When America was still a British colony they mostly drank tea. But in 1773 the British government raised taxes on tea, which angered many of the colonists. That December a group of men dressed as Native Americans boarded some ships filled with tea at night and threw the tea into the sea. This was one of the first incidents just before the revolution. From then on, people began drinking coffee.

There are a lot of coffee shops in the U.S. In New York City there is a coffee shop named Think Coffee. The coffee in a shop called MUD Coffee has a dark taste, and the Italian shop Sant Ambroeus is popular among celebrities. This coffee shop has been used in the TV drama Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl is a love story set in New York City. You should watch this drama if you are planning to go to New York. You will feel like a celebrity!


森岡 潮音


あなたは旅先に訪れる時にその地域の歴史や文化を学びますか? 私はあなたが旅先に訪れる際に学ぶ方が訪れた時に楽しさがさらに増すと思います。それではニューヨークの歴史を見ていきましょう。皆さんもご存知、自由の女神像はニューヨークの象徴的な像です。その像はアメリカが独立100年を迎えた際、記念品としてフランスから贈られたものです。像の足元を見てみると女神が足枷をふみつけています。これは市民の自由や解放を意味しています。




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