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University Baseball League

(Japanese translation below)

Do you pay attention to university baseball? High school baseball is very popular in Japan, so most people know a lot about high school baseball but they don’t know so much about University baseball. In university baseball, there are two league tournaments–one in the spring and one in the fall.

The league consists of three sections and the first section is the strongest. In Hokkaido, Section 1 consists of six teams: S.U, Dohto U., Tokai, Hokushou , Hokkaido U. and Hokkai Gakuen. Each team plays the other teams twice for a total of ten games. The team that wins the league tournament in Section 1 can participate in the national tournament at Meiji Shrine Stadium.

The 2017 Big Six University Baseball League Tournament was held from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22 at Maruyama Stadium and Sapporo Dome. Many people thought Tokai University would win because Tokai won the league tournament and made it into the best 4 in the national tournament this spring, but Dohto defeated Tokai and won the league tournament without losing a single game. Dohto then went on to participate in the national tournament that was held from Nov. 10 at Meiji Shrine Stadium where they finished second.

This is the first time any team from Hokkaido has finished in second place. The next league tournament will be held next spring. There are some players who have a possibility of joining a professional baseball team in the future.







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