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The Future of Japanese Education

(Japanese translation below)

The Japanese education system is going to make two big changes from 2020. One change is that the contents of the university entrance examination will become more complicated. The name of the current Center Examination will change to The University Entrance Common Examination, and the style of the examination will also change. In addition to these changes, some descriptive questions for Japanese language and math will also be included.

From now on children will be required to have the ability to think, to express themselves and to make judgements, and many adults think that these three skills will be very important for the future of Japan. So, we can imagine that Japanese education is in for some drastic revision. Another big change is that the English examination will consist of questions from TOEIC or Eiken tests. The current Center Examination only tests for reading and listening skills. The new test will test for all four skills—reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Finally, not only test scores, but also extracurricular activities, personality, qualifications and volunteer activities will become more important for entrance into university. Introducing this system will help to integrate school life more and everyone from children to older people will be happy to have high school students conduct volunteer and extracurricular activities. It is hoped that the Japanese educational revolution in 2020 will be able to bring good results to society.







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