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Amuro’s Final Tour

(Japanese translation below)

Namie Amuro held a concert at Sapporo Dome on April 14 and 15. This tour included Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Osaka, Tokyo, Shenzhen, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. There were 23 performances altogether including the Japan tour and the Asian tour. Approximately 800,000 people attended. About 750,000 people attended the Japan tour and updates of attendance winners are posted of the solo artist’s most current toursites.

Due to the fact that this was her last tour before retirement, more than 5.1 million fans sent in requests for the 750,000 available seats. The set list for this tour was decided by fans in a vote. There were about 264,000 votes cast, which is very high. This tour began with the song "Hero" and included 30 other hits. Amuro is the only solo artist who has sold millions of CDs from fans in their teens to fans in their forties.

Amuro was born in Okinawa in 1977. She was scouted at the age of eleven by the Talent Training School of Okinawa. She was later selected as a member of the dance performance group SUPER MONKEYS at the age of 14. In 1995, she made her solo debut at the age of 18 years old. She participated the annual NHK New Years’ “Red and White Singing Contest” as the youngest female solo artist at that time. In 1997, the single “CAN YOU CELEBRATE?” from the CD of the same name was released and sold over two million copies. It became the highest selling CD in Japan at that time.

She released the album “Queen of Hip-Hop” in 2005, in collaboration with the animated character “Pink Panther”. She also recorded the best-selling album “BEST FICTION” in 2008 and it held first place for six consecutive weeks. It was an achievement seen for the first time in 28 years 7 months for a female solo artist. The CD sold more than 1.7 million copies and won the best album award in Japan that year. The 20th anniversary memory album "Uncontrolled" was released in 2012.

She held a release press conference in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore at that time and approximately 100 members of the press attended. In July, 2016, the theme song "Hero" was used in the NHK Rio de Janeiro Olympics and Paralympics. She reached her 25th anniversary as a performer in 2017 and held live outdoor broadcast in Okinawa on September 16 and 17, which was the same day she make her debut.

In 1996, it was a social phenomenon to imitate her long, brown hair, miniskirt, thick soled boots and arched eyebrow shape. Many young girls copied her hair style, fashion and make-up. Her single and album sales exceeded 20 million in Japan. She is the only female artist to have place in the top 10 for sales as a solo artist.

Twenty-three of her songs appeared in commercials for cosmetics company KOSE in 20 years since 1997. The song "Body Feel EXIT" from her last album became the theme song for the TV Drama “Miss Devil.” The specially designed airplane "AMURO JET” was created by Japan Transocean Air service. She also won the citizen of Okinawa honor prize.

I went to her concert at Sapporo Dome. I had to apply online many times in order to get a ticket. She usually doesn’t talk during her concerts, but she talked a lot because it was her last tour.


石塚 智子


 彼女は1977年に沖縄で生まれました。彼女が11歳のときに沖縄のタレント養成所にスカウトされました。彼女は14歳のときにダンスパフォーマンスグループ”SUPER MONKEYS”に選ばれました。1995年、18歳のときにソロデビューしました。彼女は、当時女性ソロアーティスト最年少でNHKの紅白歌合戦に出場しました。1997年に”CAN YOU CEREBRATE?”をリリースし、ダブルミリオンを記録しました。その年日本で最も売り上げたCDとなりました。2005年にはアルバム”Queen of Hip-Hop”をリリースし、アニメーションキャラクターのピンクパンサーとコラボレーションしました。2008年にはベストアルバム”BEST FICTION”を発売し、6週連続1位を取りました。これは女性ソロアーティストとして28年7ヶ月ぶりの快挙となりました。


 1996年には、彼女の茶髪のロングヘアー、ミニスカート、厚底のブーツ、細眉が社会現象を起こしました。たくさんの若い女性たちが彼女の髪型、ファッション、メイクを真似しました。彼女のシングルとアルバムは売り上げ2000万枚突破しました。彼女は、女性アーティストで唯一売り上げ高トップ10に入っています。化粧品会社KOSEには1997年から20年間に23本のCMに出演しました。テレビドラマ”Miss Devil”では、最後のアルバムから”Body Feel EXIT”が主題歌になりました。日本トランスオーシャン航空とのタイアップで特別デザイン機”AMURO JET”が就航しました。彼女は沖縄県民栄誉賞を受賞しました。



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