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Korean Cafés

(Japanese translation below)

Posting photogenic photos on Social Network Sites is now popular among young women. Many young women enjoy café-hopping to take pictures. In Korea there are a lot of fancy cafes to take pictures of.

One café on Instagram recently is the café DORE-DORE. This café’s Rainbow Cake is famous and it’s very colorful. Its photo can be seen frequently on Instagram. It looks very sugary but actuary it’s only a little sweet.

A second café recently on Instagram is the café MINT HEIM. Its interior mint green shop and chocolate mint cake is popular. Mint in this store is used on various items on the menu. This café is recommended for those who like mint.

If you walk along the streets in Korea, you can find many fancy cafés.


主藤 陽佳



他のインスタグラムで話題のカフェはMINT HEIMだ。このカフェの店内はミントグリーンでチョコミントケーキが有名である。メニューによって違うミントを使用していて、ミント好きな人にぜひお勧めしたい。人々が韓国の通りを歩けばたくさんの可愛いカフェを見つけることができるだろう。


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