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Meals and nutrition for athletes

(Japanese translation below)

Meals are very important for people, but it is even more important for athletes to have meals and get nutrition. Eating has three meanings for athletes. First, it is effective to make a strong body. Second, it helps to bring out ones best performance. Third, it helps with the prevention and healing of injuries. There are three especially important types of nutrition.

One is sugar (carbohydrate). Sugar is a source of energy. Protein and fat also give energy. However, sugar has an immediate effect and it has good efficiency. Therefore, sugar is the main source of energy.

Another is protein. Protein is the main substance the body is made of. Muscle, skin, hair, internal organs and blood are made from protein. Protein is made from amino acid. When we use protein, we convert it into amino acid. There are twenty types of amino acids. There are amino acids which are stored in the liver.

Then it as synthesized again when the body needs some protein. There are nine types of essential amino acids. A balanced amount is important. Amino acid scores express the degree of essential amino acid’s balance in the protein. Eggs, milk, natto, young soybean pods, horse mackerel, bonito, pacific saury, yellowtail, pork, chicken and horse meat have good amino acid scores.

The third type is fat, which helps to absorb vitamin A, D and E. It becomes the nutrition for blood and cell membranes. Whereas sugar and protein make four calories, fat makes nine calories so fat is efficient energy but it takes time for it to be available. Also, when you take in fat, it is stored easily in your body.

Also, one very important thing for athletes is hydration. It is too late for athletes to drink water after getting thirsty. Athletes always have to stay hydrated at the cellular level. It takes the body 40 minutes to absorb water. So athletes have to drink some water before training and have to worry about staying hydrated during training.

You can play sports without doing all of this, but if you want to win and to be professional athlete,

you should have good meals and nutrition.


佐 藤吏







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