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The Batu Caves of Malaysia

(Japanese translation below)

The Batu Caves are located in the Gombak district of Malaysia, 13 km north of Kuala Lumpur. It is said that it was formed 400 million years ago. The caves are famous for its entrance of 272 steps and is a Hindu holy place. At the Hindu Thaipusam festival some practitioners pierce needles into their bodies.

This festival symbolizes beauty, youth and power and honors the God Murgan, also known as Subramania. The festival represents gratitude to the gods by self-piercing, which is prohibited in the Hindu home country of India because it’s considered too dangerous. Only Singapore and Malaysia allow this practice. Many Hindus gather from around the world during the festival, but normal days are also crowded with many tourists. You can also buy Malaysian souvenirs there. It is a famous sightseeing spot in Malaysia. 


It is recommended to go wearing loose clothing and sneakers as you walk up the stairway at a steep angle. Since it’s a religious facility you should avoid wearing rough clothing or shorts or sleeveless shirts. You should always follow the local rules when you visit. There are also many monkeys living around the caves, so be careful as they may come and take tourists' meals and drinks or other belongings.

There are colorful exhibits and mural paintings of many Hindu myths in the cave. In the dark cave, the exhibits are colorfully lit up and are interesting just by looking at them, even if you have no knowledge about Hinduism. It is like a little theme park. If you study a bit about Hinduism before traveling it is more interesting when you understand the meaning of the exhibits.


長田 彩乃

バトゥ洞窟はマレーシアのクアラルンプールから北へ13kmのゴンバック地区に位置しています。この洞窟は4万年前に作られたと言われています。 272段の階段で有名で、ヒンドゥー教の聖地です。ヒンドゥー教のタイプーサム祭では、修行僧が身体に針をさします。





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