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Mao Asada exhibition in Sapporo

(Japanese translation below)

The Mao Asada exhibition was open for limited time from Oct.17 to 29 at DAIMARU Department Store. The admission was free. The exhibition displayed pictures and photograph panels from her childhood period to retirement. There was a theater where you could buy original goods, books, CDs and DVDs. In the theater you could watch her famous performances and interviews.

There was an area to take a photo with a background panel of Mao. There was a big message board on which a lot of messages were written by her fans. The exhibition was held in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Kyoto, Niigata, Okayama, Aichi, Ibaraki, Ehime, Fukuoka, Sapporo and Miyagi.

Mao was born in Nagoya in 1990. She began skating at the age of five years old. She also studied classical ballet from three to nine years old. The reason she started skating was to strengthen her ankles for ballet. She won the championship at the Grand Prix finals of 2005-2006 and it was hoped that she would participate in the Torino Olympics. However, she was not allowed to compete because the age limit was 16 years old.

She moved to Lake Arrowhead, California in the summer of 2006 to continue her training. In the summer of 2007 she went to Russia to work on ballet in order to improve her expressiveness and artistry. She returned to Aichi in December, 2007. She dropped in rank before the world championship in 2008, but she came from behind to win the championship. She went on to win a silver medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games of 2010. She was not able to win a medal at the Sochi Olympics of 2014 because she fell many times.

She announced that she would take the 2014-2015 season off and she rested from competition for one year. She announced her return to active participation in May, 2015.

She competed in the All Japan Championship in 2015 where she came in third and won her eleventh medal. She announced her retirement in April, 2017. She took first place in the favorite athlete rankings six times. Also, she took first place in rankings for favorite athlete by many children.

There were a lot of wonderful clothes and goods at the exhibition and many of them were sold out. Thanks to Mao, the popularity of figure skating has increased in Japan.


石塚 智子




 彼女は2014-2015の1年間競技生活の休養を発表しました。2015年の5月に現役続行を発表しました。2015年の全日本選手権で3位になり、11個目のメダルを獲得しました。2017年4月に引退を表明しました。彼女は好きなアスリートランキングで6度 1位を取っています。また、子供が好きなアスリートランキングで1位を取っています。



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