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Cannabis Prevalent in the Entertainment World

By Sei Ogawa

(Japanese translation coming soon.)

A number of celebrities have been caught in drug abuse cases lately. Has the entertainment industry become so corrupted? Why do they fall in love with drugs? What's going on here?

What is cannabis?

To begin with, cannabis is a plant of the Asamaceae family, and comes in different forms, such as dried leaves and resin. Cannabis consists of dried leaves that are smoked like cigarettes. The resin form is called hashishi. The active ingredient in cannabis is a substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and causes hallucinations and euphoria. Many of the "dangerous drugs'' that became a problem at one time were mainly made from synthetic cannabinoids.

Why do celebrities use cannabis?

Celebrities express their emotions through songs and performances. If you're an actor, you'll get more involved in your role. On the other hand, there is also concern about sales because of the fierce competitive society. There are many people who are mentally unstable because their minds are always easily exhausted. For cannabis dealers, that kind of person is a good target. They have money, and once they do start using drugs they are more likely to depend on them as long as they continue working.

How does cannabis work?


It produces a high relaxing and happy feeling, drowsiness, colors can be seen more vividly, and music can be heard intricately.


One in ten people who use marijuana have unpleasant experiences such as confusion, hallucinations, anxiety, and delusions. Even if you are the same person, depending on the mood and situation at that time, you may get pleasure or have an experience. These feelings are usually temporary, but the drug stays on the body for several weeks, and the effectiveness of the drug lasts longer than the patient is aware of. If you use marijuana for a long period of time, you will become depressed and you won't be motivated.

In this way, addictive drugs, whether legal or illegal, cause significant harm to the user and society. Alcohol and tobacco are legal, but they are drugs that have been used since early in history and were already widespread before modern society.

Effective Drug Dependency Countermeasures

Whenever a celebrity is arrested, no matter how much they are punished, it is obvious that it doesn't solve the problem. As a matter of our society as a whole, we need to mobilize all our medical and public health forces based on scientific evidence and take effective measures.


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