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(Japanese translation below)

By Jeong Jinho

On November 30, 2022, an interactive AI service named ChatGPT was released to the world and quickly became known within just a few months, taking many people by surprise. The reason is that unlike conventional search engines such as Google and Yahoo, ChatGPT quickly forms the answer to any question within seconds, rather than having users search for information by themselves. How will it affect various fields, especially in the field of education?

First, ChatGPT can be a great learning tool for students. For example, in today's schools, a single teacher is responsible for dozens of students at various levels, but ChatGPT can provide information optimized for each student’s individual level. If a high school student finds Newton’s laws of physics difficult at school, the student can prompt ChatGPT to “explain Newton's laws of physics in a way that even high school students who lack basic knowledge can easily understand.”

Second, ChatGPT can help reduce the cost of private education for underprivileged students. For example, in the past, a student had to go to a school or academy with native speakers to learn accurate English pronunciation. However, as ChatGPT is able to reproduce native speakers’ pronunciation, they can study correct pronunciation without facing native speakers directly. Accurate pronunciation plays a very important role in communication with native speakers, so it will be of great help to foreign language learners.

However, the development of radical technology is subject to many flaws. For example, Students can abuse ChatGPT and neglect tasks that require sufficient effort. It can solve difficult problems and write essays in just a few minutes, making it difficult for teachers to know whether students have tried hard or not. Not only that, ChatGPT can also provide students with false information because it cannot determine whether the information it has acquired is right or wrong.

In conclusion, no matter how useful the information ChatGPT provides is, it will be difficult to completely replace the existence of schools because schools also function as a place for social exchange. Nevertheless, since its release, ChatGPT has shown amazing functionality, and the potential to grow is endless. Just as humans have found a way to properly coexist with smartphones, humans will learn to control ChatGPT in a way that minimizes the negative effects on our lives.


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